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Know all the advantages of polyurethane rubber rollers.

The development of synthetic rubber-like polyurethanes began about a century ago with the rise in natural rubber use across the globe. The 1930 invention of a class of organic plastics sometimes known as urethanes has become a staple of modern living. The excellent properties of polyurethane rubber rollers allow them to be used in a variety of industries. It is the best option everywhere because of the marriage of rubber’s elasticity and stiff plastic’s strength.

Benefits of rollers made of polyurethane rubber

Because there was a shortage of natural rubber during World War II, Dr. Otto Bayer’s 1930 invention of polyurethane gained popularity. It provides stronger traction and is ideal for picking up and moving numerous smoother items, such as glass or sanded wood. When compared to rubber, plastic, or steel rollers, polyurethane rollers have a number of benefits, which include

Because they are resistant to wear and can support heavier loads than other materials, urethane rollers are increasingly being used on assembly lines.

  • They outlast typical rubber rollers by up to four times.
  • They have FDA approval for food processing because, unlike conventional rubber or plastic rollers, they don’t leave any stains or residue on food.
  • Because of their longer lifespan and less need for frequent replacements, they reduce downtime to boost revenues.
  • Despite the rubber’s softness, they provide excellent traction and strong grip.
  • They are adaptable and available in ranges from 10A to 75D, covering a wide range of applications for improved advantages.